Sara Lacombe

   Founder & Cookie Monster

Inspiration for Bushel & Peck

Why We Love Cookies

A Note From Me To You

I’ve always loved cookies, baking up a storm and bringing everyone in on the fun. The kitchen template outline for essay is where I fire up my creativity and show my love. There, everyone comes together to enjoy something tasty, laugh and belong. Incredible what a fresh batch of cookies can do.

The idea for Bushel & Peck Baked came from my desire to recreate this feeling and increase connection and belonging that uniquely comes through home baking. I also wanted to infuse my treats with the flavors of my travels. Paris, Berlin, Cape Cod, Sonoma, Italy and so many other places I’ve lived and visited that have inspired my recipes.

In my past life as a corporate HR exec, I was always striving to build engagement and belonging. How do we make routine meetings better and increase connection? Well, for one, get rid of routine snacks. Offer something special. A dulce de leche macaroon, a fresh ginger cookie, a tray of shortbread.
When I was looking for a name that would sum up all my hopes and dreams about this project, a little song came to mind:
I love you a bushel and a peck
A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck
A hug around the neck and a barrel and a heap
A barrel and a heap and I’m talkin’ in my sleep

–F. Loesser©

My mother used to sing this ditty to me as a child and I sang to my daughter when she was little, too. A pure expression of which thesis statement is too broad for a short research reportaffection and love. I also remembered that a bushel and a peck are also units of measurement. A little love—a peck—or a big embrace—a bushel. Bushel & Peck Baked. I think it’s perfect. I hope you do, too.


Order A Bushel (or a peck) / Email Sara:
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  • “Bottom line, you could make macaroons and lemon cookies for me and I'd follow you anywhere."
  • "Thanks so much for my goodies! I should be mad at you because I'm trying to be good but they are just wonderful!"
  • "I am a diabetic so have to be really choosy about sweets. Sara's Macaroons dipped in dark chocolate are to swoon over. I had one, okay two at a conference four months ago. On a good note I have cut sweets out of my diet cause if they are not as good as Sara's macaroons they are not worth it."
  • “The love will linger past the crumbs.”
  • “The cookies were soothing for my belly and my heart and my soul. Cookies cooked with love, IS love. You showed me love today by baking warm, wonderful, incredibly delicious cookies.”
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